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It’s a gamble…

Jim and I had a meeting on Saturday in a city three hours west of home. Since we are directors and had to travel over 100 miles, our hotel was provided free of charge (actually by the hotel, which is trying to woo us to have our convention there). Since the meeting was starting at 7:30 am and we didn’t care for leaving our house by 4:30 am we went the night before.
We know a couple (the B’s) who have been very involved in the association for years. They are stepping down now and are really going to be missed. We are their replacements. Yep, big shoes to fill…
They’re nice people though. We’ve known them for a long time and were happy when they emailed us a couple of weeks ago wanting to get together for dinner on Friday night. As we were checking in, we ran into Mr. B who had just finished up with a meeting that he had that afternoon. He told us that a brand new casino had opened up nearby and that Mrs. B really wanted to go. He said that he didn’t care to and that maybe he could talk her out of it. We went up to our room and about 10 minutes later Mr. B calls. They’ll pick us up for dinner at a buffet at the casino and only one hour there afterwards for gambling. They promised.
So, on we go to the casino. Did I mention that we don’t care for casinos? That we don’t “get it”? That it’s really sad to see these people just sitting at these machines pushing buttons. How much money do they actually win compared to what they spend? There was a casino in the city where Jamie went to college. Jim and I went there once, just to see, and played the slot machines and lost a few dollars. Jamie and I went there because she wanted to see. We won enough to go have ice cream at the Dairy Queen. Jamie said that when she was student teaching, she drove by that casino every weekday morning at 6:30 am. It was always packed. Sad.
Okay, so dinner was nice. We all ended up getting these club cards because we would save $4.00 each on our buffet. Mrs. B assured us that the casino would only email us and we could then mark the emails as spam. She apparently knows these things. She apparently is a regular visitor at several other casinos. A nice dinner and great conversation. I could have visited another hour, but Mrs. B was anxious to get out onto the floor. We agreed to split up and meet back in an hour. I don’t want to make it sound as if Mrs B has a gambling problem. She doesn’t do this all of the time, but she does seem to enjoy it!
Well, we didn’t all split up. Jim and I stuck together. Jim and I don’t understand those machines! Lots of flashing and lights…
We had to use the bathroom, so we killed some time walking around the whole place till we found them. When I came out, Jim was sitting at a slot machine. He had put in a $20 bill and was pushing buttons. Still not really getting it. Lights flash and sometimes bells ring. Sometimes the amount of money goes up. More often it goes down. However, we got up to $60 and Jim decided to try another machine. We still don’t know what we’re doing, but we just pick a similar machine and push buttons again. More flashing and ringing. Money up and down. Soon, we have $90!! I look at my watch. Only twenty minutes had gone by. We still had to kill forty minutes…
To make a long story somewhat shorter—We switched machines. Played. Flashing. Ringing. Money went down, down, down. Jim told me that he wanted to walk away with the $20 he started with. Then he left to go see if the B’s were done. Left me alone and lost if I left the machine (I get lost easily). I kept playing. When he came back we had…drumroll please…thirty cents. Yep, that’s right. If we would have just stopped at the $90 and wandered aimlessly for forty minutes…woulda, shoulda, coulda.
Mrs. B said that we couldn’t leave with that amount of money. She found a machine and made Jim play till we lost that too…
Did I mention that we don’t like casinos??

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