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my Laura

Some people just don’t understand…

I have loved Laura Ingalls Wilder since I was eleven and my teacher that year started reading her books to our class. I was hooked.  I read the Little House books over and over and over again. Still do. When I finished the books, I wanted to know more. Wanted to find out what happened next. Laura, her family and her life have always been a big part of my life. Even when my life was going through turmoil and I had to put her aside for awhile, she was always there. In my heart. When things settled down, she came back to stay. In the last few years, she has been there for me when I’ve had to deal with children becoming adults and my empty nest. And then again for the adjustment when they both showed up again. I love ya, kids, really I do! 🙂

Most people in my real life just don’t understand my love and admiration for her. I mean, my family does. At least I think they do. My husband has been very indulgent. He has traveled to four of her homesites with me. He accompanied me to Minneapolis last year and sat through the musical. He never complains (well not much) when I find something “Laura” that I just HAVE to have. I’m sure my daughter gets it. She was lucky enough to go to Rocky Ridge with us. She read the books, but just doesn’t share that love and enthusiasm that I hold in my heart. I’ve learned to get over the disappointment. My son, well he’s more like “whatever”. He enjoyed Farmer Boy when I read it to him. I’ll assume he knows who she is. She’s just always been there, a part of our lives. Especially now that she’s taken over the living room.

So, when I talk about people not understanding I mean friends and some family members. They think I’m like…I don’t know…a fluffy fan of the tv show. I’ve tried to explain that it’s nothing to do with the tv show (I’m okay with the show), that it’s the author, the pioneer woman, the wife and mother. It’s Laura!

I was at a get-together the other night and had my camera. I’m not good about deleting pictures. Honest, it’s a phobia of mine, even though they’re on my computer and backed up on a stick, I just have a hard time taking them off of my computer. So, this friend was looking at my pictures and they go back to the trip my husband and I took a little over a year ago. We were headed to the Little House musical in Minneapolis and also went to three of her homesites. So, my friend is looking at these photos and she just kind of shakes her head a little. She doesn’t understand.
That initiated a conversation with a family member, who was seated next to me. I was trying to explain to her (for the umpteenth time) what it all means. I told her about the Laurapalooza next year. I said to her, “You’ll get it if you go to this website, Beyond Little House.” I told her that I’ve even been privleged enough to write a couple of blogs. She said, “Oh, I just don’t do those things.”
Anyhow, I’ve strayed waay off my original subject. I love Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author and woman. I love the Little House books. I also love her other writings too. I love the life she lived, her family, the strength, the love that they all shared. I strive to learn more about her. I’m tired of trying to make people understand, but I’ll never stop trying…


One thought on “my Laura

  1. I am so excited about Laurapolooza! I know it sounds odd, but hey, I don't spend money on Coach purses or other things that people I know do.

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