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Our life…honestly…

Just about anyone who owns their own business will tell you that it pretty much rules your life. Ain’t that the truth?! We have really made an effort, over the years, to try to balance family and business. I hope we’ve succeeded…

Our groundwater association has been after Jim for years to become more active. Jim has always turned them down. Any time outside of work (which wasn’t much) was dedicated to whatever the kids were involved in: Girl, Cub, Boy Scouts, band, sports, etc. That was what was important to us. Wouldn’t that be the case for everyone?

Okay, so fast forward several years. The kids are grown and sloooowly moving away from the nest. And coming back. And moving away again.

It’s time to fulfill our duty to the groundwater industry!

Jim is now one of the directors. The state is divided into districts and Jim represents our district at the state association level. I’m a member of the auxiliary which means that, automatically, I have the same position at the auxiliary level. That probably sounds sexist doesn’t it? Well, if I were to become a licensed well driller I could join the association. I don’t wanna. I’m happy where I’m at!

Last spring, at the convention, Jim had to take over for the current director so we had to be at the convention for the entire time. We also attended the spring meeting, unofficially. Tomorrow, though, tomorrow is officially our first meeting! I’m a little nervous, actually, and I don’t know why. I guess if allowed, I would become a hermit and never leave the house again. I force myself to do these things because, in the end, I know I will enjoy it and it’s really not good to be a hermit! So, onward we go, putting forth our best effort! And hoping that they like us! Okay, Jim doesn’t worry about that. I do.

Today we will make the trek toward the west (side of the state!). We learned our lesson, this past spring, about leaving early in the morning of the meeting/convention. It’s too early! After all, tomorrow evening we have to go to a wedding back here. Tomorrow will be a very long day…

So, I must finish packing and getting ready. There are plans to be made, money to be raised, scholarships to be awarded!

I would love to hear what you think!

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