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I call it a funk…

I’m in a funk and I can’t get out! I just feel so down the last few days. Things are getting to me and I can’t seem to control how I react…It’s an internal battle I’m having with myself and so far I’m losing! Hopefully, I can beat this. I really do hate feeling this way. I like things a certain way and it’s just not gonna happen. I really have to get over it, don’t I?

2 thoughts on “I call it a funk…

  1. I understand what your talking about and I go through them too…pray Laura, that's what I do and it always helps me :)Put some music on and dance, think of all the good you have done in your life and what you hope to do in the future…things like these always help me. But don't you thing this sort of "twilight" between summer and fall always is a little depressing…the leaves are dying, but not colorful yet, the weeds are turning brown, everything seems to be scurry, scurry winter is coming….makes me anxious and on edge too until it frosts and fall is here!

  2. Thank you, Vonna, for the thoughtful comments. I do pray and have been praying and also thanking God, because I know that I really am blessed…Now if I danced…well that would make anyone smile, or laugh, more than likely! 🙂 Music does make me feel better though…I've had a lot of changes this summer, so maybe the change of seasons when autumn finally arrives will bring some good things.

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