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what makes this time so different?

At least once or twice a year, I give up coffee. I don’t drink much coffee, usually just a cup every morning. A couple of years ago, Jim and I both gave up coffee for Lent. He, mostly because I was and he was just helping me along. After Easter, we both didn’t drink it for months. Months! What made us start again? Well, Jim started up again sooner than I. He quite often goes to breakfast on Sunday with an old friend, been doing it for longer than I’ve known him. It’s the main reason we go to church on Saturday evening. So, coffee goes with breakfast with Mr. H…

But me? What made me start again after so many months? I like tea, hot or cold. An occasional hot cocoa is good too. I don’t need coffee…

So, this time my reason is exchanging coffee for the benefits of green tea. This was my second morning without coffee. I woke up with a horrible headache and it felt as if I hadn’t slept all night. My legs feel like rubber. I actually took a nap this morning, just a couple of hours after I got up! So, here I am dragging through my day all because I’m giving up one cup of coffee a day!

So, wish me luck that it sticks this time. My question is: if I feel this poorly from giving up one cup of coffee a day, what is that one cup of coffee doing to my body??


One thought on “what makes this time so different?

  1. Good luck!! And your final paragraph was just what was on the tip of my fingers to type and then I read you say it yourself. 🙂 Your miserable symptoms are more than proof enough that the stuff is BAD for you!! You can kick this! 🙂

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