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Our adventure in local travels

Well, our trip to the doctor’s office with Mom wasn’t as bad as I’d dreaded it would be.

I called her a couple hours before we would leave to go to her, just to see if she needed anything. She was in good spirits and was planning to go to have lunch in the dining room (we can never get her to eat out of her room), so that she would eat early and be ready. Great! I was pretty proud of her.

I took clothes out to hang on the line and when I came in there was a message on our machine. Of course, now she decided that she wasn’t going to the dining room. She didn’t want to be up in her chair so long since her leg was already swollen. I was a bit discouraged.

We arrived with plenty of time to make sure Mom was ready and head out to the bus stop. Jamie decided that she would ride the bus with us instead of driving separately. So, I didn’t feel so alone. I had been told that since they arranged to have the bus pick us up at 2pm, it could arrive anywhere from 1:45 to 2:15…It arrived at about 2! The driver was very nice, but told us that we didn’t need to wait at the regular bus stop at the street (where I had been told to wait). This bus picks us up right outside the entrance. He was very nice, wheeled Mom up the ramp and strapped her chair to the floor. We were off! And, it costs .75 for adults (one way) and .35 for seniors – not bad.

We got to the doctor’s office 45 minutes early, but better than being late! There was lots of paperwork to fill out anyhow. This is the first time we had to take her to a doctor’s appointment since we have guardianship and since she moved into the nursing home, and there were a couple of things I learned: we must take a copy of our guardianship papers (even though the paperwork from the nursing home clearly lists my sister and I as her guardians) and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I honestly wasn’t sure how the billing went either, but after a quick phone call to the nursing home, the receptionist found the information she needed in the paperwork that they had sent along. It all worked out. Phew!

We were called back and my mom’s ears were checked. Full of wax, which was very difficult to remove. The doctor had to use his handy-dandy little vacuum machine and she now has ears clean as a whistle. So, this is what we found: her hearing is slightly diminished, but not enough to require hearing aids, the dizziness she is experiencing is likely caused by fragments (?) of wax floating in her inner ear (not sure if I’m saying that right) which will likely go away eventually, but she was given exercises to help. So, now she can hear and that was that.

The receptionist called to have the bus come back to get us. It was a very warm and sunny day and Mom wanted to sit outside and wait. We didn’t know we would be waiting 40 minutes! Not so bad on a nice summer day.

The driver pointed out that we could also arrange to have the bus take us shopping or to a restaurant, which Mom now wants to do! She actually wants to go to Olive Garden and then have us push her the 1/2 mile or so to the mall. Hmmm. Maybe one trip to the restaurant and a separate to the mall.

She tolerated that whole thing well, but was in a lot of pain by the time we got back and was ready to hop (or not) into her bed. It is amazing how much simpler the whole process is without having to transfer her from her chair into a car (which, believe me, was very very very hard, and actually impossible as of last summer) and without having to take her to the bathroom several times (she has a catheter) which would take 15 to 20 minutes each time and she always had to go: right as we were leaving to go somewhere and right before the doctor was set to see her.

We ran into her social worker on our way out and she was going to talk to Mom about going on the outings that they take. Their next one is to her favorite Chinese restaurant. None of us think that she will do it. She doesn’t like hanging around with all of “those old people” 🙂 It would do her a world of good to socialize with the other residents though…

She called me Saturday morning, because she couldn’t find the baggie she brought containing her mints and her change purse. Well, she had Jamie put it in her purse and Jamie took it out and gave it back to her when we left. She was in a panic, thinking someone stole her money (spare change). I told her I would ask Jamie.

I told Jamie to call her, which she didn’t do…grrr… So, a couple of hours later she called again. Still couldn’t find it. Since I wasn’t planning on going in for a few days, I told her one of us would look or she could ask her aide. She won’t, she insists that they never help her. Well, then she would have to wait. Yesterday morning, while I was showering, she left a message saying that, “Hooray” she had found it right in her organizer (full of pouches) hanging up right next to her bed…


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