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back to a full nest…for now

What a weekend! We (Jim, Jamie and I) arrived safely from moving Jamie back home from Georgia this morning at 1:30. Phew! We weren’t planning to drive straight through, but Jim decided at about 10pm that he was not tired at all and wanted to press on. I think he was just as anxious to be “Home, Sweet Home” as I was! Jamie was a bit more reluctant, but continued on, following behind in her own car. We insisted that, if she felt sleepy, she needed to at least pull into a rest area for a short nap. After a stop at McDonald’s for coffee (for Jim) and coke (for Jamie), she decided that she was fine for another three hours of driving. Apparently listening to the soundtrack from Grease helped! We were exhausted and maybe just a little cranky when we pulled into the driveway in the middle of the night. Jon was asleep, but Duke greeted us with a hearty doggie “welcome home”! Jon had told me earlier that Duke had eaten on Monday evening for the first time since we left. He does that whenever we leave, poor guy. So, it was a very busy weekend as we expected it would be. We were able to quickly and easily help Jamie finish packing and cleaning her apartment Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Things went smoothly. Everything fit into the truck, trailer and Jamie’s car. That was a worry! The girl has a lot of stuff!! The drive home went well. We went through some wicked storms in north Tennessee. Lightening, thunder and rain so hard that we absolutely could not see! Thankfully, we drove out of it within a half hour or so. I was worried, because, at that time, Jamie was a good twenty miles ahead of us. She’s a good driver, but ya gotta worry! We noticed quite a back-up on southbound I-75 and, when we came upon it, saw that a very large tree limb had fallen across the roadway, blocking all but the shoulder. It looked like the tree had been struck by lightening. We were glad it wasn’t on our side! 🙂 We crawled into bed by two this morning and I just could not sleep. Too many thoughts running through my mind, but, finally, sheer exhaustion took over. I didn’t expect to wake up when Jon was up, but did wake up at six as he was having his breakfast. I decided to get up, bid him a “good morning and have a good day” and give him a kiss on the head. I headed right back to bed then, with incredible waves of dizziness overtaking me. Must have been the lack of sleep. I’ve just felt blah all day and look forward to crawling back into bed tonight! Tomorrow is back to the old routine…


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