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A Sunday in May

It’s a beautiful day! The sun is shining brightly. I feel it’s warmth clear through to my bones. Finally…spring!!

I planted my flowers today. I’ve had some geraniums for two weeks now and they haven’t fared well, waiting. I wanted to wait until we were past the risk of frost at night. And then I waited another few days until I could get to the store and buy the rest of my flowers. I didn’t get everything I wanted this year. Looking more at the costs this year…I think it will look nice. Well, I hope it will. I tend to have a brown thumb. I have such a hard time planting, what with my bad knee. I became angry at myself, because it wouldn’t have been so bad if I were not so heavy. Jim offered to finish planting for me, so I wouldn’t have to kneel. Could the man be any more giving? One of his knees is bothering him horribly. He mentioned it once, the other day, and hasn’t complained, but I can tell that he’s favoring it. When he made the offer, he was putting a seal-coat on our brick patio/porch area…on his knees. No complaining from him. I shut my mouth and finished my planting. Afterwards, Jim put some mulch down and I had an allergic reaction. Hmmm…what is in this stuff? I told him that I would like to get a cow and make our own mulch. He was not real receptive to that idea.

I also put my hummingbird feeder out today. Should have done it earlier in the month. I blame that on my memory. I saw a hummer last evening flutter past the window where the feeder usually is. I felt bad. They do remember, from year to year, and come looking. It never ceases to amaze me! So, the feeder is out. Come back my hummers!

We decided not to get chickens this year. Jim pointed out that it’s just not a good sign when the dog brings home a baby coyote (I mentioned this a couple of blogs ago), then a baby fox – that’s right, a baby fox! I got Duke away from it and Jim and I put it in a box with a lamp on it and tried to give it water. It didn’t look like it would make it at first. Then it’s breathing became more regular. I called a local wildlife rescue place and took it to her. She put it on a heating pad and gave it Pedialyte. It was looking better by the time I left. I wanted to call and ask how it was, but was afraid to find out that it didn’t make it. Oh, and Duke also found a nest of baby raccoons and their mother in an old storage trailer out back. Jim saw the mother and was going to “take care of it”. Then found that she had babies. He made the mistake of showing them to me and I wouldn’t let him touch them. She has since moved them all to a large storage shed out there. Raccoons are cute, but so destructive and mean. I told him that, from now on, don’t tell me and don’t show me. So, getting back to the chickens…with coyotes, foxes and raccoons nearby, we didn’t think that chickens would stand a chance. Try again next year! We honestly have never seen a coyote or fox in all of the almost 18 years we’ve lived here. Plenty of coons though. They brutally killed all of our ducks. I used to love raccoons…And just to mention here that Duke is not a vicious dog by any means. He finds these creatures and simply plays with them. Unfortunately he doesn’t stop. He does not try to “tear them apart” or anything. I don’t want anyone thinking badly of my pup.

Jamie is coming home next weekend! Hooray!!! She has had a very rough time of it, especially this past week. Almost decided to stay put. The pull of “home” was stronger though. I assured her that she needed to stay if that was where she really wanted to be, but I’m happy that she will be close to us again. I just hope and pray that she can find work. She’s such a good person, a truly good person and she loves children. She loves trying to make a difference. She really deserves to be happy…and that is my wish for her.

My weight loss has slowed, actually none at all last week. I will plug along though. My goal is to be healthy and I feel so much better. That’s what counts. Some days are harder than others and some days I fall into old habits. I am determined though. There is so much I want to do. I pray every day for the strength to keep at it.

Jim’s 51st birthday is Tuesday. I thank God every day for bringing us together. He is caring, loving, and giving. He loves me no matter what. Some days I wonder why! I could go on and on, but then I’ll get all mushy. So, I’ll stop here. I love that guy though!


2 thoughts on “A Sunday in May

  1. There is no reason to be angry at yourself when you are doing something about it now. Remind yourself of that when you have such thoughts… “Yes, it may be my fault I’m in this place, but at least I’m now putting forth effort to get myself back out of it, so good for me!” And when you have those hard or unrewarding days or even slip back into old habits, just remind yourself every day is a new day and a chance to start over again. You can do it!

  2. Thank you! I needed that pep talk. I try to tell myself all of the time that I can never have this very moment back to do over and I should live it exactly as I want to, with no regrets. And living it as I want to includes doing those things which I know I should be doing! I know what I SHOULD do it’s just a matter of DOING it!

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