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the mom thing that never goes away…

I’ve worried for two years that something would happen to Jamie and that I wouldn’t be there for her…
In March, she was in a car accident. I could talk to her right away and know that she was okay. It was all a big hassle having to deal with getting her car repaired, but she was not hurt.
Today was different.
It started yesterday. She called me and told me that she had been having horrible abdominal pain and that two of her co-workers took her to the doctor’s. The doctor told her it was either a UTI or mittelschmerz (ovulation pain). Take some antibiotics and advil. The thing is she was in alot of pain still last night.
I talked to her early this morning and she said she was still in pain, but was going to work. Her co-teacher was picking her up because she didn’t want her to drive. That worried me, but I thought that she must be feeling somewhat better since she was going to work.
Twice today I texted her, with no answer. Okay, not panicking. She gets really busy at work and I don’t usually text her so she wouldn’t be looking for one. I called her when I was on my way to my dentist appointment because her kids would be on the bus by then and she would probably answer her phone. No answer. Okay getting a little more worried. Then my phone rings and it’s from her phone. “Hola“, I say, assuming it was her. A short pause. A voice says, “This is Gina” (Jamie’s co-teacher). Now I start panicking! “Jamie is lying on the classroom floor in pain (the kids had all gone by then) and she won’t go to the hospital.” I’m shocked and scared and reply, “Well tell her that she needs to go.” We talked about it for a moment and then she hung up to take Jamie to the hospital, promising to call me in a little while. For some reason, I continue on to my dentist appointment. I tell the hygienist the situation and that I would need to answer my phone if it rang. A few minutes into my cleaning it rang with a call from an unfamiliar number. The school nurse this time. She tells me that Jamie really needs to go to the hospital and, of course, I agreed and told her that I had just spoken to Gina. Then she tells me that, at this point, Jamie could not walk. They would need to call an ambulance. More panic. I continue with my cleaning. Not real sure why, at this point, I just didn’t stop and reschedule. Panic causes loss of reasoning skills. A few minutes later, phone rings again. Jim this time. I had left him a message after the first phone call. I update him on the situation. Continue with the cleaning.
Finally done and with the news of a cracked tooth and a filling needing repair, I leave to go home and wait for someone to call.
Jamie texts me and lets me know that they’re doing a cat scan. Then texts again to tell me that they had to give her contrast dye and wait an hour to do the cat scan. Two and a half hours later and I’m waiting and worrying. I’ve enough experience with hospitals to know that it takes forever. I was in the ER once with my mom for eight hours before they finally admitted her and moved her to a room. So, then I decide to call the hospital. Well, okay, I called the wrong hospital. They took her to one not so close to her apartment. Another phone call. She’s there and they transfer the call to her room. No answer. I hang up and call again, explain that there was no answer the first time. They transfer the call to her room. No answer. Again. I call a third time and explain more fully that when they transfer the call to her room no one answers. He tells me that he’s right near her room and will go check. Comes back and tells me that there’s no answer because there’s no phone in that room. Grrr… He does tell me that she had turned the ringer off on her cell and she would turn it back on so I could call that. Finally. A tired and weak sounding Jamie answers. It’s an ovarian cyst. They’ve done a cat scan and ultrasound and they’re sending her home. They just wait and it’ll either disappear on it’s own or burst (my sister, the nurse, assures me that the bursting part is rare). She was discharged a few minutes later and her co-teacher drove her to the pharmacy, which told her that her scrip wouldn’t be ready till 10:45! She didn’t want Gina to wait that long and said she would pick it up herself in the morning. Of course, I’m worried about that. What if she needs the pain meds before then?
Well, Jamie’s weak and worn out and wanted to sleep. I hate that she’s all alone so far from us when she really shouldn’t be all alone.
I have worried that something like this would happen and, well, one month before she’s moving back, it did. I told her she was going out with a bang! She doesn’t remember alot of the whole ambulance part of it, but enough to be embarrassed by it all. Oh, and that the “ambulance guy” riding with her was pretty darn cute.


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