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My girls…

Okay, first of all, I’m not real sure I like referring to your breasts as girls. It seemed a catchy title though.
About three years ago, when I had a mammogram, I had a scare. It was a scary scare at that. Before that, it had been about five years since I had had one and I know we’re supposed to have them annually after we turn 40, but there’s no breast cancer in my family—that I know of. So, I had my mammogram and I was called back to have my right side re-done. Wasn’t sure why, but okay, I didn’t want to take any chances. I went in for the second one and had to wait a few minutes while they looked at it. The tech came back in and said, “Can you come back for an ultrasound? There’s an area that we’re concerned about.” A little knot formed in my stomach, I said, “Sure. Should I go schedule one?” She replied, “No, we’d like you to come back this afternoon, if possible.” That knot grew and tightened. I was actually shaking! So, she gave me my time and I left. I struggled with whether to tell Jim or not. I didn’t want him to worry. I ended up calling him on his job. He wanted to go back with me, but I assured him that it was nothing to worry about. I’d be fine on my own. I will never forget the sound of his voice. I had never heard him sound like that before…
By the time I arrived home, he had called Jamie and told her to go with me. He’s never done that before. I spent the day making bargains with God and praying. Finally it was time to go back. There was an area. I could see it. They called a doctor in to look at it. I thought I would be flat forever, I was squashed for such a long time. The doctor decided just to keep an eye on it. I would need to come back in six months. All of this terror that I experienced and then a sense of relief just flooded over me…
We drove to where Jim was working so that I could tell him right away. His job is one that requires his full attention. I worry about him enough as it is, while he’s drilling, let alone knowing that his mind wouldn’t fully be where it should be.
I vowed never to put off my mammogram again. A few minutes of discomfort is not worth this worry! I went back in six months. No change. A year later and fine. I relaxed.
Two years go by. Why do I do that? I went in two weeks ago and had my mammogram. Yesterday, my doctor’s office called they want to re-do the right side. I have to go in tomorrow. I’m sure it’s nothing, but a little bit of me has this nagging fear…


2 thoughts on “My girls…

  1. Thank you so much! Just got home a little bit ago. It’s the same area of concern from three years ago. The doctor thought he saw a change, but, with a second, closer look, he’s satisfied that there’s no significant change. I’m all clear…again.Thank God! I won’t skip a year again.

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