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Our walks

I love to walk on our property. I don’t do it often enough, but have recently started making sure to schedule it into my day. Before our dog, Duke, came into our lives, I used to walk through the woods and out into the clearing. There I would spread my arms wide and give Thanks to God for the beauty of the day. I walk a different route now because part of our property has underground wire to keep the dog home. The clearing is not our property, but belongs to the county. I could enjoy it, but we could not wire it in! So now we walk, Duke and I, on the trail out to the little lodge in the woods. Even though Duke has the run of about five acres here, he loves it when I “take him for a walk”! Spring and fall are the absolute best times to walk when the weather is perfect. It’s so calming and peaceful and brings me closer to God and the beauty that He created. Rarely, but still sometimes we see a lone deer resting among the trees. How awesome! Often we see tracks of the other animals that live in our woods. The little hand shapes of the raccoon, the turkey claw print, the occasional trail of a snack crossing in the sandy dirt, sometimes the cute little hopping feet of a rabbit. All God’s creatures. I feel so blessed…


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