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April snowstorm

I’ve always enjoyed a good snowstorm. When we don’t have to go anywhere and when we’re all together. I loved it when the kids were young. Finding out school was cancelled and climbing back into the warm and cozy bed for a little while longer, then spending the day all together. Nothing beats that! After the kids grew up it changed. Jon’s living home now and he has to go to work no matter what the weather. That just makes it into another day to worry. When I woke up today, the snow had just started here. Our schools are on spring break, but I’d heard that the districts near where Jon works are all closed today. Apparently they have more snow there. Of course, that is cause for worry. No matter how old the kids get you worry about them! So, Jon left for work and made it to the end of the driveway, then backed up to the house. He had forgotten his cell phone still plugged into the charger. Lucky thing he came back. His boss had called. When Jon called him back he found out that power is out in their building. No power = no running machines = no work. For now anyhow. Back to bed for that boy! It’s a cozy feeling. Jon’s home (for now – he has classes tonight) and sleeping, Jamie’s here for the week (she wasn’t expecting to experience winter!) and is awake but not up yet, Jim is out in his shop. Now, if only they cancelled evening classes at Jon’s college… Anyone want to play a board game? 🙂


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