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a memory of "Titanic"

Once in a while a memory pops in my head. Out of nowhere. There it is. I may blog that memory. This morning, even though Jim and I are getting ready to leave for our 14 hour drive to Jamie’s, I have to share one. It was funny to us, at the time. Our family is interested in history and Jim, in particular, was always interested in the Titanic. This was long before the movie came out. He’s mostly fascinated by how things are built and how they work, a trait he inherited from his father and passed down to his son. So, when the movie came out we had to see it. Jon was too young at the time and had to wait till it came out on dvd. When the dvd was released, Jon was anxious to watch it. There was one particular scene that we didn’t really want him to watch. You know, the one where Jack is drawing Rose topless. When that part was coming up we told Jon, “Now we want you to cover your eyes and we’ll tell you when you can watch again.” He did as he was told, but wanted to know why. We told him why and he was still young enough to agree that he didn’t want to see that. He said to Jim, “Daddy, when you watched that at the movies did you cover up your eyes?” Daddy replied, “Yes, of course! I didn’t want to see that!”


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